Rock Climbing Abseiling Skye Lochalsh

Enjoy the thrill of rock climbing and abseiling in a safe, controlled environment.  You can gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement while having a great experience in a beautiful landscape. We use safe, easily accessible crags in Skye and Lochalsh to maximise the time spent climbing and abseiling during the session.

We are lucky to have access to crags with a range of climbs of different levels of difficulty so there is something for everyone: from the complete beginner to those making the leap from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing and even those who already have some experience of rock climbing and are wishing to push themselves further. Our introductory session is an ideal activity for groups or families and even those who don’t wish to take part can watch and encourage the others.

Come and join our experienced, qualified instructors. All equipment provided. Book your session here.

Hire and Instructor from £150 for 3.5 hour session.